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It’s easier to get organized or simplify your move...or your life than you think! Our WHOLE • istic  approach to organizing creates functional, intuitive solutions that transform not only your space but also your life. You will feel less overwhelmed and stressed while we declutter and create sustainable systems personalized for you that maximize your living and storage space. Our in-person services are available in the NYC metropolitan area and central Florida as well as virtually, worldwide.

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"Having an efficiently organized kitchen was a huge benefit of working with Laura. To have my full kitchen set up 24 hours after moving, and in a more organized way than I’d ever had it previously, was a game-changer. She thought of all the little details and organized things in a way that really benefited our family- we gained so much space."

— Marjorie G.



Congrats on your upcoming move! It is such an exciting time and we know it can also feel really overwhelming.  We love planning & overseeing moves to ensure an organized, optimized, and stress-free experience.

We can be your sole resource from start to finish helping you with any and all parts of your move.  From pre-move purges that SAVE you time and money to unpacking your new space so you feel at home immediately.  

Clients tell us we are like magicians and that they don’t know how they would have done their move without us. 


  • We often find ourselves working in:
    • Kids Rooms • Play Rooms • Bedrooms • Closets • Kitchens & Pantries • Living Rooms • Bathrooms • Papers • Home Offices • Kids Learning Spaces • Storage Units • Basements



Our homes are full of people, love, and stuff.  Organizing the stuff makes more room for the things that are important to you, like the people and the love! Our WHOLE • istic approach creates intentional space in every corner of your home.  Together we will help you decide what to keep, sell, donate, and purge. We will make sure you have the right types of products needed to maximize your living and storage space and set up simple, stylish, and sustainable organizing systems the whole family can use, leaving you with a space that is both beautiful and functional. 

We believe that the home that looks and feels beautiful, transforms how you and others treat and maintain the space.  Creating a true reflection of the life you live and love.

  • We often find ourselves working in:
    • Kids Rooms • Play Rooms • Bedrooms • Closets • Kitchens & Pantries • Living Rooms • Bathrooms • Papers • Home Offices • Kids Learning Spaces • Storage Units • Basements
Moving Solutions
Space Saving Solutions

"It was an absolute pleasure working with Laura and 110% worth the investment. She was able to see spaces that certain items would fit that I would have never thought of and maximized our storage space so that all of our stuff took up half the space that it did before she came! She works efficiently and effectively and I will definitely use her again. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone looking (or not even looking) for an organizer."

Lifestyle Solutions



Life is Change. Using our WHOLE • istic approach, we will transform the space you have into the space you need for whatever change you are embracing while making the process as easy for you as possible!

Need to create a workspace or kidspace for virtual learning? With so many of us working and schooling from home, our spaces need to function differently. We will listen and then create the transformation you are seeking to optimize your space for your needs. 

Having a baby?  Preparing for your newest addition is both exciting and overwhelming.  Organization is the key to make you feel great about everything and ease your late nights, early mornings, and everything in between.  

Getting ready to put your home on the market? We love refreshing your space from a utilitarian perspective while staging your space to achieve top dollar for your sale.




Virtual organizing is a collaborative process. It’s a fantastic option if you are geographically outside the NYC metropolitan area, seeking a hands-on experience or looking for a more budget-friendly option. We provide you with the support you need to create the transformation you are seeking to make your space work for your life.

After our virtual session on Zoom or FaceTime, you will receive a summary of what we discussed and a customized action plan and product list to create the space you crave.  The number of sessions required depends on the scope of the project and progress made between sessions.

Virtual Organizing

"Loved working virtually with Laura to start bringing some much-needed organization to my apartment, especially as we're spending much more time in our apartment with our family of 4! Laura is a thoughtful, detailed, and experienced problem solver when it comes to all things organization."



PAPER PILES...We all have them and we love helping you manage them! Together we will create personalized systems that are easy to maintain while increasing your productivity at home. Utilize us on a monthly or bi-weekly basis to help pay your bills, submit insurance claims, create customized filing systems or take you digital! This is one of our most popular services and often takes place virtually after set up. 

Paper Management



Have your sustainable organizing systems in place but too busy to refresh them when the seasons change? We get it, life is busy and we’ve got you covered! We love helping our clients take on the new seasons with confidence, swapping in clothing and home goods that fit the season while purging what no longer adds value to their home and life.

Seasonal Refreshes

"She organized the packing in a way that we didn't just have to sort through a box dump on move day, every box was color coordinated to go to a specific room. She kept the movers in line and noticed the smallest details that totally went over my head!"

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