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3 Tips to Create Your Optimal Life

Let Laura is all about creating a life you love by delivering personalized space saving solutions that get and keep you organized. Our clients want to make their lifestyle and physical spaces more efficient, less chaotic and overall better.

A new year offers a fresh start and a new beginning to create your optimal life AND optimal spaces in which you reside. Before we get into the physical act of organizing and all the awesome tips I am going to share here – I thought I would start us off with 3 mindset tips as we embark on my mission of helping you create purposeful places for the important things in your life, opening up space and time to focus on living the life you love.

1. Be Kind to Yourself.

Everyone wants to get organized at the start of the year. But most people fail to recognize how much stuff they actually have! I like to remind clients that they didn’t get into this overnight and they aren’t going to get out of it that fast either! Organizing is a skill that most people need to learn and then cultivate for it to be a part of their routine. Once you do, you will reap the many benefits including reduced stress, overwhelm, tension and fatigue. It takes time, patience and love so instead of judging or criticizing yourself for not going through those papers, acknowledge your commitment and intention to cultivating a life you love.

2. Do Something You Love.

Do you start the day doing something you love or something you feel you have to do? We could all come up with 500 things we “should” be doing. Try kicking off the day with something you love. For example, I love hand writing notes to loved ones. I am always thinking about who I want to send letters to and this takes up precious mental real estate! Do something you love and you will feel better, clear the clutter from your mind and have more energy to accomplish your goals.

3. Outsourcing is your best friend (seriously)!

We all have things hanging around our homes that we keep meaning to do (whether it’s dropping off donations, organizing your closet or hanging up that new beautiful family photo on your wall). Start getting some of these things done and your mind and your space will feel clearer and calmer and you will feel SO productive and relieved. People don't realize these things take up precious real estate in your home and your head so acknowledge what you want to do and what your priorities are and outsource the rest! Disclaimer: you are not meant to do everything yourself!


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