IMG_1847My mom loves to tell the story of how I pulled everything out of my baby brothers changing table when I was two. When she asked me what I was doing, I turned around and looked at her like she had five heads and simply said, “I’m organizing.” I guess you can say my love for organization has been with me since the beginning. I have a desire to keep things simple and organized yet sophisticated and chic.

A little about my background: I worked in publishing for 8 years. I started in marketing and decided to focus on events. It was here I truly felt invigorated by the plethora of details and finally appreciated my innate ability of being meticulous. I excelled at executing tangible experiences such as cutting edge launch parties and exclusive client-entertaining events. To name a couple – I created, planned and executed simultaneous March Madness events in 4 different cities and gave people a once in a lifetime experience of playing softball on the field of Yankee Stadium.

Somewhere in all of this, I started helping friends and family organize anything and everything. From walk-in closets, jewelry, toys and kitchens to unpacking friends who just moved into a shoebox-sized apartment, I found my groove. I was helping people make their life a little simpler, a little easier, a little happier, and I loved it. And voilà, Let Laura was born!